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High Tech Connect preaches “Best Work. Best Life.” Meaning: Take your vacation time! See what our team of travel enthusiasts have been up to. Apparently Spain is #trending.

Honeymoon in Spain

Tammy in SpainI spent my three-week honeymoon in Central Spain, traveling from the small pueblo of Macotera where my husband’s family lives, to the university town of Salamanca, to the country’s capital of Madrid.

In the 800 person community of Macotera, I experienced the annual fiestas where people flock once the party beings. Think: wine and beer stroll, but to 13 bars! Thankfully each place was stocked with pinchos (appetizers) so locals wouldn’t have to laugh at the extremely intoxicated American. My mother-in-law also cooked delicious, Spanish food and forced me to eat enough for an army.

Other highlights included running with the bulls (which I watched from the comfort of my Aunt’s second-floor home), viewed jaw-dropping cathedrals in Salamanca and ate customary jamón sandwiches paired with a Mahou beer with my 82-year old father-in-law after a personalized tour of Madrid.

Spain’s rich history and passionate architecture, especially the cathedrals, had me teary-eyed. The food is incredible. People are friendly. And it’s a safe country to travel, especially for the solo backpackers we met in bars. I can’t wait to go back!

— Tammy Garcia, High Tech Connect Accountant

From Grandma’s House to the South of Spain

I was presented with an opportunity to visit my 93-year old grandma who lives in Verwood, England. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen the WWII veteran, and she’s still smart as a whip and absolutely hilarious. She even let me play on her stair lift. #DisneyPixarMovieUp

Vicki in SpainAfter spending quality time with family, I headed off for a solo adventure in Spain. My first stop was to Sevilla. It’s a gorgeous town that I ate myself through and enjoyed getting lost in the small streets. Note: ordering tapas for one person is actually more challenging than you think.

My next stop was to relaxing Málaga, where my Airbnb room was separated from the Mediterranean Sea by one small street. Two days of relaxation here was just the preparation for…

Bustling Barcelona! I fell in love with Antoni Gaudí’s work. Sagrada Familia. La Pedrera. Park Güell. They are all breathtaking. I walked my butt off everywhere and indulged in all the food I could eat. And when I couldn’t walk anymore, I walked some more!

One of my greatest highlights was a day trip to Costa Brava near the French border to sea kayak and explore surreal cliffs and coves of the coast line. With my luck, the conditions turned and found I myself in huge swells. Battling wind and waves. It was so extreme but absolutely gratifying to make it to the end. It was the perfect outdoor adventure for me. Where to next?!

— Vicki Taylor, High Tech Connect Communications Manager