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We get this question almost daily: “What trends are you seeing in the industry right now?”

The answer is, some things change every week and some trends are constant. Different areas of expertise are needed to meet company goals and shifting market demands.

For example, one week clients are clambering for PR folks, the next they’re looking for digital marketers or executive comms. Account based marketing (ABM) was very hot earlier this year, and continues to be in demand. Then when the pandemic hit, everything was about employee communications content. And now we’re seeing more social media community manager roles pop up.

But here’s what has remained constant. You should still have a badass LinkedIn profile, a concise resume, outstanding references, and concrete results to show how you can make a client’s life easier.

The most competitive candidates are also learners. They continuously keep up with industry trends, perfect their skills and engage in professional development.

If you have all of these things under your belt, you’re in good shape.