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We Rise by Lifting Others

Our founder and CEO René Shimada Siegel had a 10-year career in Silicon Valley. 

PR, marketing, communications, events. Corporate, agency, startups. Laid off twice.
Had three kids in five years. Cared for a father-in-law with Alzheimer’s.

The ah-hah moment came at 3 am at a 24-hour copy shop in NYC.
René was 9-months pregnant, beyond exhausted, and had to redo all the press materials for a huge launch that fell apart during the midnight rehearsal. There had to be a better way to do the work she loved and still have a life.

So in 1997, she created one.

For 23 years, we’ve been Connexting overworked corporate friends with talented consultant friends. We help people like you start and shift their own careers. We help you do your Best Work and live your Best Life. We change lives.

Because we believe everyone deserves their own version of success.


We Believe

Soft skills and personality matter more than keywords and algorithms.

Everyone deserves to do work they love.


Life’s too short to work with unethical or unreasonable people. So we don’t.

Our Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

Enthusiastic Collaboration

Awesome Results

Lead & Grow

Spread Joy

Your Sanity Squad

Yes, We’re a Certified Diversity Supplier