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“Millennials are like diseases. They jump from company to company and have no loyalty.” 

I overheard a woman say this at a networking event. 

Disease. Really?!

I have a much better word to describe our generation: Intentional. 

Intentional about what opportunities to snag and how long we stay. Intentional about our lifestyle. Intentional about our passion and purpose. 

In my role, I see and support a multi-generational workforce. The workforce as a whole (or at least in the SV marketing and comms space) is becoming more intentional. 

I hear stories from professionals of all seniority levels and titles, and we’re all chasing the same thing. We all want to do work that matters, that fills our souls. That challenges us or makes us feel part of something bigger. 

And sometimes moving around helps us get there. Like a process of elimination. With every job, title and role, we decide what we value more and what no longer serves us.

The bottom line is we all want to do work we love—and live our best life while doing so.