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Dear Friends,

Last week, for the first time in what feels like forever, I think we all felt hope.

Watching those intelligent, brave, and diverse women onstage during the Inauguration, I was inspired. I felt empowered. I wanted to online shop for a jewel-tone pantsuit. Maybe write some poetry. But most importantly, I felt aligned with my 2021 word: abundance.

So, in the spirit of abundance, we have big news to share…

Connext is joining AMF Media Group.

Effective February 1, we will partner with you as Connext Services, a service offered by AMF Media Group. AMF is a full-spectrum marketing agency with extensive experience providing creative solutions across a variety of industries. And as you know, Connext manages a brain-trust of 2,000+ independent marketing and communications experts.

Together, we’re like the cronut of marketing. 

Yes, our entire team and business model will stay intact. The personalized service you know and love will remain the same. We’re still doing what we do best together, just with new email addresses.

For our clients, this means a broader offering of digital marketing and creative services—but only if you want it. And for our consultants, we’ll have more B2B and B2C consulting projects across other industries, unlimited by location. Finally, the whole world figured out you don’t need to sit next to someone to be effective!

We could not have done this without you, our family of clients, consultants, and students. Thank you for referring your friends and supporting us.

As we look to the future, here are a few fun memories with our Connext HQ family:

From my extra-bedroom-turned-office in 1997 (thanks, Forbes  😳)…

to our now-empty office (sob!) in the heart of Pleasanton.

We’re grateful for everyone who has been part of our Connext family (furry friends included!)…

and every client that kept us on our toes (or heads).

And whether we dressed up for a good cause…

or dressed down to serve lunch in our community,

played close together in a party bus…

or worked more than six feet apart,

we’re grateful for all the wonderful people and companies
behind each and every magical Connextion.

Thank you for all your abundance over the last 24 years. You’ve allowed us to survive and thrive through the dot-com bubble/bust, 9/11, Great Recession, and a global pandemic while smashing thousands of projects along the way.

And now with AMF, we can share even more abundance with you.

More expert help for 600+ badass corporate clients. More opportunities for our 2,100 amazing consultants. More #BestWorkBestLife.

We’re super excited about continuing our journey with you. If you have any questions or just want to compare jewel-toned pantsuits, I’ll be here.

With love and gratitude,
René Shimada Siegel