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Last year, a consultant came to me and asked for help with his LinkedIn profile. He wasn’t getting traction or finding fulfilling roles. It was frustrating.

So we worked together to beef up his profile and let his passion shine through. Here’s what I sent him:

  • Warm, friendly photo—people will judge you based on your photo. No professional headshot needed but no selfies, Solo cups or wedding guest pics. 
  • Branded headline—this is the best place to tell your network who you are and what you want to do. Differentiate yourself and boost your brand! 
  • Spiffed-up About section—resumes focus on what’s happened in the past. If you need a new job, what do you want to do next, and WHY? A LinkedIn Summary is prime real estate to show your why and tell your aspirational story. Use a conversational tone and explain where your passion comes from.

It worked! I just got news that he was recruited and hired by a company right in his sweet spot. Now, he gets to do work he loves, everyday.

Don’t be afraid to change and evolve your brand to attract the right opportunities.