Resumes suck. And LinkedIn profiles suck too, most of the time.

Why? Because people cram everything they’ve ever done into one place and expect employers to cheer. It’s like trying to find the Hope Diamond in a scum-filled pond. When your resume or profile says you did blah-blah and worked hard like everyone else, you’re just another commodity. You’re sitting in the pond. Want your profile to REALLY stand out? Prove you’re special.

Write a LinkedIn Summary that shares your unique story and connects it to your career passion. There is nobody else like you. You are much more than your past: GPA, college major, previous jobs. Where is that diamond inside of you? Sometimes one experience can fuel a lifelong drive. A fire in your belly. Share that story. Here are some examples:

Get the idea? Now, think of something about your life—the more simple and specific the better—and draw a connection to your job or career.

  • What did you learn when you were young? From who? Use names.
  • What about your job do you love doing most? How does that make sense given some experience from your past?
  • Did you overcome something that changed your life? How does that affect you today?

Give it a try. A great simple story can trump a boring resume re-hash or laundry list of skills on most LinkedIn Summaries.