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Some senior professionals say people don’t want to hire them because of their age.

Yes, ageism is a real thing. It’s not legal and not cool. 

But let’s focus on what we can control. Getting work in the tech marketing and communications industry is easier if you bring the goods. Do you have the cutting-edge skills and experience employers and clients need right now? Are you willing to work alongside younger pros with less experience? Are you learning new tools and techniques to stay viable in a highly competitive market?

That’s it. It’s not personal. It’s business.

What can you do to re-energize a long, extensive career?

  • Throw away the old chronological resume. A concise, functional format works better to highlight your top areas of expertise, not the length of your career. Shorter resumes convey confidence. Delete crusty or irrelevant info including archaic events, tools, technologies. 
  • Create an epic LinkedIn profile that starts with a bright, warm photo. Use your About section to tell your story with passion, energy and authenticity. Also include a dozen raving, current Recommendations!
  • Network with pros of all ages, not just your own peeps. Be a mentor and learn from your mentee.
  • Do pro bono work to see what’s needed by clients and employers today. 
  • Take classes or webinars on social media, IT marketing, marketing tools and technologies
  • Speak to a college class or student group to find out what they’re learning, and be generous with your career lessons and contacts. You never know where your next opportunity or project will come from.

Do you have other suggestions? Please share in the comments, and pass this along to any colleagues who may be interested.