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For the past 23 years, our team has carefully built a consultant network of expert marketing superheroes with a range of industry experience. You may call them contractors, consultants, or freelancers. We call them Connexters. 

We manage the best in our business: strategic marketers, executive/employee communicators, PR pros, digital marketing natives, content creators and demand gen pros. Some are recent grads ready to tackle all your tactics. Some are former business or trade journalists, industry analysts, C-level executives or agency owners. Many have been former Connext clients one year, only to be placed by us as a consultant with another client the next. Or vice versa.

We’re super picky about the professionals we introduce to clients. Some may be in between consulting gigs or unemployed, but all of them have successful careers and a stellar reputation. 

We don’t scrape people off the internet. We don’t post jobs or consulting gigs to online job boards. It’s all about referrals, relationships, and quality over quantity. Only the best for our clients.

We believe it’s still about Who You Know, not just To Whom it May Concern.